Leave your former selves behind and join us on a journey of transformation. Embark on a magical metamorphosis with us as we shed our skins for new sounds, new emotions and emerge anew into a world where anything is possible and you’re limited only by your mind.

This year’s line-up will literally change your lives. Running the gamut from Electro, Trance, House, Techno to Mambo Jambo, Hip Hop and Pop, join the thousands of other like-minded partygoers as we collectively dance our way out of our close-minded cocoons and into a new state of consciousness.

Celebrating 13 magical years of music, dance and art in the great sandy outdoors, ZoukOut 2013 promises to satiate your inner hunger for a festival experience unlike any other whether it’s the phenomenal line-up or the jaw-dropping surprises that will sweep you off your feet from the time you enter into the realm of the transformed. Immerse yourselves fully; escape from your humdrum reality and just for 2 nights, suspend disbelief for only those who have a will, have a way to change.

So leave reason at the door and find your (new) selves at ZoukOut 2013!